Misha Collins Ships DESTIEL!!!

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Did you learn that from the pizza man?







Season 9 - Nothing is worth losing you.

#i feel like sam always wanted a lil bro #and since they forgot adam in hell #cas will do just fine (via abaddonsbabe)

since they forgot Adam in hell.

… How the crap do you forget someone in Hell!?

It’s easier then you think







In which Dean dies and Castiel is left to mourn him.

Thanks for doubly breaking my heart.

You monster.

*raises hand* I’m not a Supernatural fan, but isn’t Castiel (Is that his name?) an angel? Can’t he just go see Dean in Heaven?

Ya… I’m not a Supernatural fan either… but can’t he just go and visit him in heaven?

To answer your questions (spoilers if you’re planning to watch), but in canon right now, Heaven is locked. No souls nor angels can enter heaven. So in this au, Dean’s soul is trapped somewhere in the veil and Castiel is unable to find him; so he visit’s Dean’s grave. It takes time for souls to make contact with the living; it took Bobby months and Kevin several weeks. Castiel is hoping to find Dean, with no success. And you can make up your own theories about why Dean wasn’t given a hunter’s burial.

Or it can just be an au in which they’re both human. Which makes it even worse.

Are you TRYING to kill me? Seriously. #thefeels

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"I care more about her than I care about me."

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TWD PicspamMaggie Greene (Season 4) 

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If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like lovers, and protect each other like siblings, then you were meant to be.

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Maybe I could have done something.

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Where Rick has tackled all of Daryl’s insecurities.

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